Saturday, March 30, 2013

Saung Grenvil Seafood restaurant

So, I am finally sick of nasi padang. Time to do my weekend food indulging.

David introduced me to this place, Saung Grenvil. Best seafood in Jakarta (Selatan / South) ,he claims. Well, for a person who has been here for over 3 years, I gave him the benefit of doubt. Brought me there 2 weeks back, and it was the best food I had in Jakarta so far. But then again it's not really fair comparing some road side food stall with a proper restaurant.

Went over with some friends today.

The one I went to was in Blok S. According to David, Blok S is a one way street, and will definitely pass it. There will be a split road that will connect back to the same road and soon after that you will find the restaurant on your left. Just look out for it's big lighted signboard that looks something like this:

Yeah, I know, it's a pretty fucked up picture. Just google up Saung Grenvil and you can find the clearer picture of the crab. So, just tell the taxi driver, Blok S, look out for the small split road, and soon after, on your left. Managed to find the place easily without David and the taxi driver not knowing the place.

The 3 of us ordered:

1. Male crab - XL size - black pepper style.
2. Prawns - M size - salted egg style.
3. Oyster in omelette (similar to the Malaysian Oh Chien)
4. Pomfret - ikan bakar style.
5. And some random vegetable.

I am not sure if I haven't had much seafood back in Malaysia, or I am deprived of good food here, or the fact that I have not eaten that day, but I thought the food here was excellent. The other two agreed.

The prawns, coated in a batter of salted egg and fried to perfection.

The ikan bakar. The ikan bakar here taste pretty much like the ones in Malaysia. It was good but I thought it was such a waste to cook the pomfret in this style, cause, basically any fish cooked in this style would have tasted the same. Could have gone with a cheaper fish.

And the highlight of the day, the black pepper XL size crab. The black pepper gravy was excellent. Not overpowering, but complimenting the taste of the crab meat. And the crab ... it's claw was as big as my fist. The biggest crab all of us at the table have ever eaten. It's shell was so thick that I was at war with it and was totally worn out after the meal. Again, this is coming from a person with not much crab eating experience. I totally enjoyed it.

Here's a breakdown of the bill for price reference.

ONE XL sized crab @ 538,000 rupiah.
Prawns (6 pieces) @ 113,000 rupiah.
Oyster in omelette @ 35,000 rupiah.
Ikan Bakar Pomfret @ 107,100 rupiah.
Some vegetable @ 35,000 rupiah.

Including miscellaneous stuff like rice, drinks and tax, the total amount came up to 1,055,010 rupiah which is around to RM340 plus.

Not too sure if a crab that size cost that much, but it is definitely a new culinary experience for me. Man, claw as big as my fist. Most expensive meal here so far, also the most awesome (so far).


Went back home, totally stuffed and soon drifted off to sleep.

Dreamt that I was eating crab again, reliving the moment, the taste and the atmosphere.

Two sessions for the price of one. What a steal.

Woke up still full and noticed the half chewed pillow.

True story.

Apart from the chewed off pillow.

Jakarta Nightlife

So, I did it again.

Just an hours nap, I said. I always tend to nap after heavy meals. Still don't get people who go "How can you sleep after such a heavy meal?" It's more like how can you NOT take a nap after a heavy meal. The urge is like wanting to have a cigarette after a meal. It just comes naturally.

Now I am wide awake at 2am listening to the ventilation fan and the buzzing of the water cooler in my studio apartment.

Fuck. Now that I mentioned it, I just keep hearing it. It's like suddenly you are conscious of your own breathing and it is just annoying that you actually have to actively breathe. Now, I shouldn't have mentioned that either.

Been in Jakarta for over a month now.

Lets see if I can summarize my life here so far.

1. Work, the main reason I am here.
2. Machet which means traffic jam in Bahasa Indonesia. The traffic here is so bad that it is alright to use it as a communication starter.
3. Nasi padang, my daily food.
4. Sopranos. Just finished 6 seasons of it and still not too sure how to feel about the final episode.
5. Dota 2.

It is now 2.15am.

This is going to be a long night.

Saturday, January 07, 2012

First post for 2012

Happy New Year!!!

Yea, 8 days late but who's counting eh. We still have a whole full year ahead of us.

And finally realised the Jump Break function for blogger. Urgh, that took a while.

Inner voice: Yea, about damn time. Making us load tonnes of pictures on stuff that no one cares about! And also what's with new functions when there are hardly any new posts at all??

*Ignores inner voice*

Anyway, New Year ! Time to get productive ! Let's do it !

Inner voice: Just like all the other "productive" years gone by ...

Note to self: To do something about the voices inside.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Pilot 111 Bangkok

News of the flood in Bangkok has been pretty alarming. The media broadcast on the worsening flood created a panic buy rendering supermarkets and 7-11s with empty racks. Couldn't find any instant noodle, can food or drinking water anywhere.

The Thai government announced a 3 day emergency holiday. Including the weekend, I had a 5 day holiday here. Everyday I peep out my window only to see my streets still dry and the weather sunny. Wanted to go out but kept wondering what if that area was flooded. On the 4th night, I could no longer stand being cooped up in the hotel another day. Called up a fishing guide asking if the ponds are affected.

" flood here lah."

Alright. It's on. Lets do it.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Bangkok with Joy, part 2

Day 3.

Woke up early today for a half day trip to Ayutthaya, an ancient capital of Thailand. I will just let the pictures do the talking in this post.

22 Ayuthaya
"Yay! Road trip!"